Our Interns


Our interns come from a number of universities across the US. They have explored a vast array of research topics with a number of our faculty here at MCO. We place a premium on mentorship in order to help interns gain a deeper understanding of their research topics and also learn more about what graduate school is about. The matching with peer mentors is an important aspect of the program. The majority of our interns are now in graduate school pursuing their PhDs. Please explore the figure below to learn more of what the summer program participants have gone on to do. Picture above is of the summer 2015 interns. 


 Where are they?


Where are they? 2018 Survey (n=35) 44% response rate (2009-Present)

Grad school (48.57%); Still in Undergrad (20%); Postdoc (2.86%); MD/PhD (5.71%); Residency (2.86%); Medical School (5.71%); Working (8.57%); Other (5.71%)