2022 Interns

  • Camila Bodden from Carnegie Mellon University (Working with Alexa Perez-Torres (MCO PhD student) in Andrew Murray’s lab)
  • Natnael Belay from Hope College (Working with Rebecca Freeman (BBS PhD student) in Ya-Chieh Hsu’s lab)
  • Kristal Stevens from Loyola Marymount University (Working with Jeremy Conway (MCO PhD student) in Max Prigozhin’s lab)
  • Yoland Victor from University of Miami (Working with Nicole Bush (MCO PhD student) and Patrick Gainey (MCO student) in Craig Hunter’s lab)
  • Camila Cersosimo from University of Rhode Island (Working with Amelia Paine (Applied Physics PhD student) in Vinny Manoharan’s lab)
  • Karissa Mennes from Capital Community College (Working with Gerardo Zavala (Chemical Biology PhD student) in Rachelle Gaudet’s lab)