2021 Interns

2021 interns

  • Nalani Coleman (San Diego State University ‘22): Determining the optimal CRISPR-based mutagenesis method to recapitulate clinically observed mutations of DNA methyltransferase 3A in hematological malignancies” (mentored by HMS graduate student Emma GarciaLiau Lab)
  • Sofia Jacobson (University of Arizona ‘22): “What was Selection Before Genetics: Review on Prebiotic Vesicles and Protocells” (Szostak Lab)
  • Maja Johnson (Amherst College ‘22): “Identifying Fucosidases in the Vaginal Microbiome” (mentored by MCO G4 Paula PelayoBalskus Lab)
  • Talha Lone (Duquesne University ‘22): “Investigating mechanisms behind axonal mistargeting in callosal projection neurons upon Ctip1 deltion: Multi-omics data integration, interpretation, and implications in autism spectrum disorder” (mentored by MCO G3 Dustin TillmanMacklis Lab)
  • Miliarys Quiñones-Barreto (University of Puerto Rico, Aguadilla, ‘22): “Analysis and classification of gene promoters genome-wide using chromatin state profiling in a multipotent hematopoietic progenitor” (mentored by graduate student Andrew EarlBuenrostro Lab)
  • AbuBakr Sangare (Williams College ‘23): “Investigating RNA Dimerization and its Effect on Frameshifting in HIV-1”  (mentored by graduate student Raphael HasleckerD’Souza Lab)
  • Emily Villalpando (University of California Riverside, ‘22): Analysis of Transporters and Prodrug-Synthesizing Enzymes that Produce Bacterial Toxins” (mentored by SCRB graduate student José VelillaGaudet Lab)