2016 Interns

2016 MCO SROH Class (pdf)

Roberto Barroso–Luque

University: Boston University
Major: Neuroscience and Economics
Hometown: Mexico City, Mexico
Born and raised in the outskirts of Mexico City I moved to Boston for college. I enjoy mountain biking, hikes, snowboarding and mostly anything outdoors. I am also a big soccer fan.  I became very interested in neuroscience since high school and came to Boston to pursue a degree in the field. I am currently investigating the role of fixational eye movements in gaze contingent training¨.

Research Interests: My main interests involve computational and cognitive neuroscience, specifically visual and auditory perception, neural networks, and other related topics. 

Summer Laboratory: Dr. David Cox

Tyler Camp

Home University: University of Texas at Austin
Major: Computer Science
Hometown: Nashua, NH

I enjoy spending my mornings at coffee shops reading the news, and my evenings in the library or at home playing guitar. Jazz is one of my biggest passions; some of my favorite composers are Duke Ellington and Antonio Carlos Jobim. My research interests include computational biology and bioinformatics with applications in systems and synthetic biology.

Summer Laboratory: Dr. Sean Eddy 

Jacob Ferreira

Home University: University of Connecticut
Major: Pharmacy
Hometown: North Dighton, MA

Hi, my name is Jake, I grew up in a very small town which probably contributes to why I love spending time outdoors. I enjoy exploring the world and hope to one day travel outside of the United States. I also enjoy playing most sports especially football and soccer, spending time with friends and family, and watching football. As you could probably guess, I am an avid Boston sports fan. My research goals are to pursue a Ph.D. in neuroscience after completely my Pharm.D. Ultimately I want to use both degrees to research new drugs to fight epilepsy while also being able to counsel and warn patients of the debilitating side effect prescription drugs can have. My research interests: Drug discovery, specifically drugs to fight infectious diseases and epilepsy. 

Summer Laboratory: Dr. Matthew Shair 

      Stephanie Kabeche

University: University of Miami
Majors: Biology, Microbiology & Immunology
Hometown: Weston, FL
I was born and raised in the USA, but both of my parents are Venezuelan and my Hispanic heritage encompasses a strong tradition of food and culture, and an absolute love of most sports. Living in Florida there is absolutely nothing better than laying out in the sun with a good book. I spend most of my free time volunteering, and I have been teaching 8th grade science to underprivileged kids for the past year. Sharing my passion and adoration for science with them has been an amazing experience. I also love to write, binge Netflix, and run with my white German Shepherd, Duke.”

Research Interests: I’ve dabbled in a few areas of biological research, including x-ray crystallography with a focus in proteins, fruit fly genetics, and microbiology. However, I’m still exploring and looking for my future research focus. Most importantly, I just want to do impactful research that will help build the scientific community while also making a difference in the lives of others. 

Summer Laboratory: Dr. Rachelle Gaudet 

       Christopher Reid

Home university: CUNY City College of New York
Major: Biology
Home Town: Yonkers, NY

Raised right outside the greatest city in the world, I have always immersed myself in diverse and enriching learning opportunities. You can usually find me spending my spare time exploring nature on a local trail or strolling through the natural science museum. I make it a point to understand and respect all areas of science, yet biology and in particular the neuroscience has been my immediate fascination. I make it an effort to blend my scientific mind with other interests in my life such as philosophy, politics, and community outreach. I aspire to obtain a PhD in neuroscience and help understand the biological foundations of synaptic plasticity and consciousness. To me, neuroscience is the only science I believe can explain human morality and purpose.

Summer Laboratory: Dr. Susan Mango

      Alan Wei
University: Stanford University
Major: Biology, Molecular/Cell Biology
Hometown: Setauket, New York
I am interested in the role that molecular and cellular biological processes can play in complex systems, like those in the brain. I find the way that phenomena on molecular scales can determine the behavior of whole organisms or ecosystems to be particularly fascinating. Outside of research and school, I enjoy backpacking, kayaking, snowboarding, and trying (unsuccessfully) to find time for leisure reading. I also love photography, Chinese calligraphy, and all manner of ball sports. My goals for the summer are to have a great time doing research, make some awesome new friends, and get better at cooking.

Summer Laboratory: Dr. Venki Murthy